EarStrainer is an online ear-training portal conceived of by Brian Bondari and Dan Musselman during their final years of graduate study in music theory and composition. Our goal is to provide a free and accessible online alternative to commercial ear-training software packages. Unlike these commercial packages, which have a significant upfront cost and are only available on a limited number of machines, EarStrainer is accessible from any Internet-enabled computer.

What We Offer

What EarStrainer offers is a range of aural skills activities and exercises that complement any collegiate-level music theory sequence. EarStrainer can also fit the curricula of aggressive high-school music programs, but our activities aim to serve the needs of undergraduate aural-skills classes, ranging from music fundamentals through 21st century music.

EarStrainer is not meant to replace traditional aural-skills classes. It is unfortunate that some instructors, upon adopting any ear-training software program, rely upon it too heavily at the expense of in-class exercises. Ear-training software is no replacement for the years of experience and pedagogical practice that a human instructor can provide in a classroom setting, and we at EarStrainer recognize that. Instead, ear-training software should complement in-class exercises and instruction, and EarStrainer allows students to drill and practice while allowing instructors to gauge their students' progress.

Internet Accessible

One of the biggest detriments to mainstream commercial ear-training software packages is their limited accessibility. All too often, students face an uphill battle when it comes to aural-skills practice. Upon mustering the desire to attempt some exercises, they must first dig out their CDs or find their way to the lone workstation where the software is installed. EarStrainer aims to end this problem. As an online program, EarStrainer allows students to sign in and practice anywhere they have an Internet connection, whether they are at home, in the dorms, or in any computer lab. In fact, if students can access Facebook, they can also access EarStrainer.


EarStrainer is completely free for all users. Once you create an account, you are free to use it without charge for as long as you wish. However, we humbly request that you consider making a donation to this service. Not only did it take hundreds of hours to build, but we have to pay out-of-pocket each month for hosting and bandwidth. 

Have more questions? Feel free to contact us.

Last modified: Monday, 12 August 2013, 1:43 AM